Alabama basements need waterproofing

South Alabama has a monsoon season, and water can be a perennial issue for home owners here on the Gulf Coast. As water tends to collect in the lowest areas, our basements, ventilated crawlspaces, and under-home areas are particularly susceptible to year-round water intrusion, which can lead to severe problems if left untreated. Fortunately, MDH Foundation Repair specializes in waterproofing basements in Mobile and Pensacola.

MDH Foundation Repair - Alabama Basements Need Waterproofing - Trees and Rainwater

Here's How We Waterproof Your Basement

MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing Exterior Drainage

Correct Exterior Drainage

The first step in waterproofing your basement is to ensure that all water is diverted away from your home. Our expert exterior and French drain installers in Mobile and Pensacola are able to inform you on the most efficient and cost-effective plan-of-action for the long-term.

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MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing French Drain

Install French Drains

French Drains involve a sub-surface perforated pipe, and are an extremely effective method to divert surface water away from your home. This diversion alleviates the enormous pressure building on your basement walls, making it an effective option for waterproofing a basement in Mobile or Pensacola.

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MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing Sump Pump Install

Install Sump Systems

SafeBasements’ Pro Series sump systems actively pull water out of your basement or crawlspace. For added protection and convenience, most of SafeBasements' sump pumps have emergency battery back-up and wifi control.

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MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing Dehumidifier install

Install Dehumidifiers

South Alabama’s humid air can accumulate in the under-areas of your home, and, once these areas are properly sealed, can become another source of trapped water. We like to use dehumidifiers in conjunction with pump systems and other method to ensure the driest conditions below your home.

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MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing Vapor Barrier Install

Install A Vapor Barrier

Just like our crawlspace encapsulation services, one of the most effective ways of waterproofing a basement in Mobile or Pensacola is to enclose and seal your entire under-house area in protective, vapor-blocking sheets of material. If water even can’t get into your basement, there’s nothing to dry.

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MDH Foundation Repair Basement Waterproofing Interior Baseboards

Install Interior Baseboards

SafeBasements’ SafeEdge baseboard system minimizes airflow between the edge of your foundation and the basement wall, provides overflow protection, allows excess condensation from the wall to drain into the system, and secures the vapor barrier.

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We're the basement waterproofing experts.

Getting your basement dry uses many of the same principles and techniques we use to encapsulate crawlspaces. Because both areas are under the home and involve trapped water, unencapsulated crawlspaces and leaky, wet basements share the many of the same negative effects. Subsequently, keeping a waterproof basement will benefit your home for the same reasons. Basement waterproofing discourages insects, mold & mildew growth, protects your foundation, and more. Call our experts today for a free inspection, and we’ll get you on the path to healthier living, better comfort, and a better value for your home.

MDH Foundation Repair can assist with basement waterproofing in Mobile and the surrounding areas: Daphne, Pensacola, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulf Shores and more.

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Why are my floors hot (or cold)?

Like your exterior walls, your floors need to have some kind of barrier from the elements to prevent heat and moisture transfer. Un- or poorly-waterproofed basements will allow humid, warm summer air to pull through your sub-floor, causing your HVAC system to work harder.

What causes moist or sweating floors?

Like ventilated crawlspaces, an un- or poorly-waterproofed basement will allow air to transfer through the floor. This air also carries humidity, which, when pulled through your floor, will leave condensate on the floor’s surface.

Why is my basement humid?

Improperly waterproofed basements will trap moisture and humid air and allow it to migrate through your sub-floor into your home. Correcting drainage issues, installing vapor barriers, and employing dehumidifiers can aid in drying your wet basement.

Why is my basement musty?

For the same reasons your basement can be humid, one left untreated will lead to mold, mildew, and their subsequent sour odors. Using the techniques like correcting drainage, using dehumidifiers, installing vapor barriers in conjunction with mold remediation can mitigate the mold spores and improve the air quality of both your basement and home.

Where can I get more information on basement waterproofing?

Take a look at this U.S. Department of Energy article about the energy savings and clean air benefits you’ll experience by waterproofing your home’s basement located here.

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