Get Your Pool Ready for the Approaching Summer Months!

It would be a catastrophe if you held a pool party and one of your friends, who had just grabbed a glass of wine and loaded up a plate with barbecued ribs, tripped on an upheaval in the concrete pool deck and spilled their wine and food into the pool. That would undoubtedly embarrass you and your friend, and would most likely put a damper on your party. On a good day, no one would get hurt. On another day, who knows? It might be an afternoon when your daughter or son has friends over—and we know kids always pay close attention to what they’re doing and never get rowdy when they're poolside!


Why Is My Pool Deck Lopsided?

There are many reasons any number of slabs of your concrete pool deck will become unlevel. The soil beneath the deck will expand with water during wet months and will shrink in the dry months when the water percolates out or evaporates. Wet-dry, expand-contract—that natural cycle causes the soil that supports your concrete to shift, and eventually, the slabs of your pool deck will also shift from the change in the soil support, and most always unevenly. One side lifts while the other loses elevation. The result is a sharp-edged gap between slabs that can’t be anything but a tripping hazard, especially when the deck gets wet and a bit slippery.


Pool Deck Leveling Services in Mobile

The fastest and most effective solution we know for leveling concrete slabs is the StrongHold poly foam injection process. Whether it’s a sidewalk, a driveway, a patio, or your pool deck, the expanding foam permanently restores the concrete to its original, level position. The injection of the polyurethane foam is done through small holes drilled into the concrete slab. A chemical reaction occurs when the foam is exposed to the air, and the foam expands and hardens. With precisely calculated amounts of foam, a concrete pool deck leveling professional can lift the settled slab the exact amount needed to set it back in place. Within 30 minutes, the slab is ready for use!


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