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Concrete Repair

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We Can Do
Concrete Repair

Concrete Leveling

When the quality of the foundation is poor, the concrete will inevitably reflect that sooner rather than later. Cracking, unevenness, and movement all indicate a weak base for your concrete. With our Concrete Leveling services in Mobile, you can expect a complete upgrade to your concrete, regardless of whether it be for residential or commercial purposes. Our services provide permanent solutions and are typically completed within a single hour. We can provide you with satisfaction for life, all without the need for demolition or even heavy equipment. Give MDH Foundation Repair a call and you’ll be amazed at how easily we can elevate and level your concrete.

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MDH Foundation Repair Concrete Leveling

Concrete Lifting

Using our incredible concrete lifting product known as StrongHold Poly Foam, we are able to help even the most deteriorated surfaces reach their full potential and see lasting results for decades to come. Our polyurethane foam product is strong, lightweight, fast-acting, and environmentally-safe. When applied underneath the sunken slabs, they experience an immediate lift that fixes nearly all issues, both aesthetic and functional. Improve your curb appeal and reduce tripping hazards with our StrongHold Poly Foam today!

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MDH Foundation Repair Concrete Lifting

Concrete Resurfacing

Sometimes concrete is structurally sound but experiences some unfortunate blemishes after serving its purpose for several years. At MDH Foundation Repair, we offer services to resurface these unsightly markings in order to provide your concrete with a freshly laid-down look. We’ll happily rejuvenate your concrete and make the surface look brand new.

For any and all of your concrete repair needs, such as leveling, lifting, and resurfacing, look no further than MDH Foundation Repair. Call us today and let’s discuss the best possible options to enhance both the look and function of your concrete, whether it be for residential or commercial use. Our years of experience in this field allow us to provide satisfying results in Mobile time and time again. We’re eager to work with you.

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