What is Blow-in Insulation?

Blow-in insulation is composed of fiberglass, fire-retardant cellulose, or denim fibers that are installed to act as an air barrier against moisture and heat. Using a machine, fibers are blown into the cavity to aid in insulating the crawlspace area. However, much like batt insulation, blow-in insulation is not a moisture-proof solution for your Mobile crawlspace. This form of insulation can compress over time and cause frustrating and expensive problems for homeowners as we’ve seen in homes all around Mobile. If your crawlspace is insulated with blown-in fibers, be on the lookout for signs of moisture seeping in. If you think your home may be experiencing damage from water seeping in through the crawlspace area in your home, reach out to the professionals at MDH Foundation Repair. We can offer a long-lasting alternative to blow-in insulation.

Crawlspace Encapsulation Services in Mobile

Our Mobile crawlspace encapsulation services protect your home from moisture damage, seal your crawlspace area, keep your interior air cleaner, and add energy efficiency to your home. Crawlspace encapsulation is a long-term solution against moisture infiltration and superior to blow-in insulation. When blow-in insulation lets water seep in, crawlspace encapsulation keeps moisture out, protecting your home from water damage. What’s more, blow-in insulation degrades over time, but MDH Foundation Repair crawlspace encapsulation services in Mobile will stand the test of time.

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If you’re seeing floorboards that are cupping, water seeping in, mold growth, or any other signs of unwanted moisture in your home, reach out to our professionals to inquire about our crawlspace encapsulation services in Mobile. We will answer your questions and provide a consultation for encapsulating your crawlspace here in Mobile. Protect your home and invest in your peace of mind—reach out today!