Blow-In Insulation Explained

Blow-in Fiber Insulation consists of fiberglass, fire-retardant cellulose, or denim fibers. Loose fill fibers are machine-blown into a cavity and they create an air barrier to help prevent heat transfer through your floors. Similar to batt insulation, blown-in fibers can compress and are not suitable for protecting against moisture intrusion. If you’re suffering a musty crawlspace, you’re noticing moist, wet floors, or you’re seeing your hardwood floors cup, there is likely a greater issue of trapped and lingering water under your home. If you are interested in learning more about our blow-in insulation services offered in Mobile, give our team of crawlspace encapsulation professionals a call.

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It is better to first ensure that water is directed away from the home’s crawlspace, that humidity is properly controlled using dehumidifiers, and that vapor barriers are in place to prevent moisture damage, reduce pests, and discourage mold and mildew growth. Let our experts evaluate your home’s crawlspace to determine the best method of insulation for your needs, or check out our crawlspace encapsulation services in Mobile to find out more about protecting your crawlspace and subfloor.