Pensacola Crawl Space Energy Loss

Like every other homeowner in your neighborhood, you might have raised your eyebrows at the “total due” on your most recent energy bills. Home energy costs rose to historical highs in 2022, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is not forecasting much relief any time soon. But though we’re all concerned about rising energy costs, few of us realize how much money disappears into the crawl spaces of our homes.

What Causes Crawl Space Energy Loss in Pensacola?

The primary reasons for this are poor insulation or complete lack of it in your crawl space, cold concrete foundation walls that draw warm air through the floor, and the cold moisture coming up from the dirt floor of your crawl space. Truth is, you could replace all your single-pane windows, replace the weather stripping around all your external doors, and close the flue of your fireplace, but none of that effort will stop your crawl space from sucking out the dollars. Warm air tends to flow toward colder air.

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A Permanent Pensacola Crawl Space Energy Loss Solution

The best crawl space energy loss solution for Pensacola homeowners is encapsulation, for all of the same reasons that we suggest encapsulation as a remedy for a crawl space with humidity problems. In the winter, warm air will be drawn from the house into the crawl space, making your furnace work harder with low efficiency. In the summer, the warm, humid air in the crawl space will flow toward the cooler air inside your home, only now making your AC work harder at low efficiency. Stopping that cold-warm cycle with crawl space encapsulation in Pensacola will allow your furnace and AC to function the way they should.

What to Avoid

Insulating with fiberglass batt will not solve the problem. Without sealing off the moisture and airflow process going on beneath the floor of your home, the fiberglass insulation will eventually rot and deteriorate. By completely encapsulating your Pensacola crawl space, you could realize savings of up to 15% in your heating and cooling costs.

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