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Why Choose MDH Foundation Repair

When you call MDH Foundation Repair, our primary goal is to help homeowners understand what is going on with their home. Our knowledgeable and experienced team of foundation consultants reach out to you in advance of the home inspection to gain insight into the issue and discuss your concerns in detail. This allows us time to give consideration to the situation. Then upon our time together with you at your home, we can then best decide how our solution can help permanently resolve the issue and provide you with a fair and honest estimate. If however, the solution is outside of our specialty, we will gladly tell you and educate you on how to best have the issue resolved. We know our specialty – Foundation Repair! Not every inspection leads to an estimate. But as long as we are educating you on what we see, we feel we are doing our job in helping homeowners along the Gulf Coast!

  • Experienced, Expertly-Trained Professionals
  • The Goal of Educating Homeowners About the Causes of Issues
  • Free Foundation Inspections
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction

Signs and Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Interior Drywall Crack - Horizontal Window

Wall Cracks

Uneven Floors

Uneven Floors

Cracked Concrete

Floor Cracks

Sticking Door

Sticking Windows & Doors

Bowed Wall

Bowing & Leaning Walls

Chimney Tilting

Tilted Chimneys

Learn More About Problem

Foundation Repair Near Mobile, AL

It can be quite daunting to discover you have foundation issues in your home. Your home is a central point of your life, where you spend most of your time and make lasting family memories. Your home relies on the integrity of its foundation and is one of your biggest investments, so it is imperative to address foundation issues at the first signs of trouble. Thankfully, the foundation contractors at MDH Foundation Repair in Mobile are well equipped to provide you with the best foundation repair solutions for your home.

What Causes Foundation Problems?

It is important to build your home on stable, solid ground. Unfortunately, soil is a composite of many different materials, some of which is denser and more stable than others. Over time, the soil can compress causing your home’s foundation to settle and crack. Depending on where you live, “solid” ground may span hundreds of feet below the surface. If you need foundation settlement repair in Mobile, reach out to the team of MDH Foundation Repair.

Foundation Repair Products

Our foundation contractors in Mobile may use one or more of the following technologies, including StrongHold carbon fiber braces, jack posts, helical piers, push piers, StrongHold support systems, and StrongHold wall anchors and wall reinforcements to stabilize your foundation.

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