Foundation Settlement Sinking

While it may be unnerving, it’s somewhat common for a foundation to settle. This is something houses do. And while settling may not always cause a problem, it can sometimes cause significant issues. Over time, the soil under your home's foundation may shift. Soil shifting can occur for a variety of reasons, including weather fluctuations, erosion, and improper compaction during construction. When this happens, it causes the foundation to move slightly. You may notice signs of foundation settlement and sinking in your Pensacola home such as cracks near doors or window frames. Another sign of settling is sticking windows or doors, where they become hard to open or close. Cracks in brickwork, concrete block walls, interior walls, or chimneys are also indications of foundation settlement. If you’re noticing signs of foundation settlement or sinking in your Pensacola home, call our repair and replacement experts at MDH Foundation Repair right away, as addressing these symptoms early on can save you from bigger, more costly problems down the road.

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Pier Systems

One of the most reliable and long-lasting solutions for supporting a settling foundation is a pier system. Foundation contractors use a variety of foundation pier systems, from helical piers to push piers to concrete piers. Concrete piers have proven to be less effective and less reliable than piers made of steel, however. Concrete can break down over time, and the heavy weight of a concrete pier system can actually make the settling issue worse. MDH Foundation Repair in Pensacola prefers using helical piers made of steel to repair sinking foundations because they are a sturdy, lightweight, and permanent solution to foundation settlement problems. We use helical piers designed and manufactured by reliable manufacturers, some of the most trusted names in the industry.

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Total Foundation Replacement

If you’ve noticed foundation damage such as cracking or crumbling, you may be under the impression that the only solution is a complete foundation replacement. But before you decide to undergo an extensive and costly replacement, let our Pensacola foundation settlement and sinking repair and replacement experts take a look. We can provide a thorough inspection and a free consultation of your foundation issues and offer recommendations for long-lasting solutions. We will identify the heart of the problem and work to resolve the cause of your foundation damage. Simply replacing a settling foundation without taking measures to resolve the root cause of your foundation problems will only lead to future issues. MDH Foundation Repair has many years of experience in foundation repair, and we know that for sinking foundations in the Pensacola area, helical piers are a dependable and long-lasting solution. Helical piers reach deep into the solid layers below unstable soil for reliable and permanent foundation support.

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