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Helical piers are designed to transfer the weight of your home and all its contents away from the poorly-stabilized earth directly beneath it to load-bearing soil or bedrock deeper in the ground or around the perimeter. They will permanently stabilize your foundation and can, in many instances, lift it back to its original position. Helical piers are designed to delve deeply into the ground to find suitable support layers. Depending on the size of the structure needing to be supported, and the scope of work, the number of required piers can range from 3-4 to 40 or more. If you need helical pier installation services in Mobile, contact our foundation repair company today to get started.

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Our foundation repair company based in Mobile uses StrongHold helical piers which are made from heavy-duty steel and are specially engineered for maximum strength, longevity, to bear the enormous weight of your home. These piers feature proprietary enhancements which set them far and above the competition. For instance, the round shaft is much less prone to bending than typical square-shaft piers. The commonly-used square-shaft piers were originally designed as anchors for utility guy wires, meaning that they were intended to bear upward tension forces rather than the downward compressional forces of a structure. When substantial downward weight is applied to square shafts, they tend to kink and warp. The experts at MDH will perform helical pier installations at your home in a timely manner, saving you large expenses down the road as well.

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Helix Plate Technology

StrongHold helical piers also feature a true helix plate that allows for an accurate torque-to-capacity reading, meaning that it’s much easier to determine whether we’ve reached stable, competent soil or bedrock. Other contractors’ helical piers may provide a false reading, making the contractor stop driving the pier too early. This will prevent the pier from reaching suitable soil and negate the entire process, leaving your foundation susceptible to further sinking in the future.

When you need helical pier installation services in Mobile, contact the professionals of MDH Foundation Repair.

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