Slab Piers

Our slab pier systems in Mobile are intended to stabilize a concrete slab which has sunken into the unstable soil beneath it. The differentiating factor of slab piers are their foundation brackets, which are specifically designed to attach to a concrete slab. A properly-installed slab pier system in Mobile can permanently stabilize a sunken concrete slab and raise it up to its original position.

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Installing a Slab Pier System

MDH Foundation Repair’s Mobile push pier installation experts begin by exposing the soil underneath the slab. They do this by drilling holes into the existing concrete. After the soil below the slab is accessible from the surface, they drive a push pier or a helical pier into the ground until it strikes load-bearing soil or bedrock. A bracket designed to support concrete slabs is then attached and extended beyond the drilled foundation hole such that it effectively supports the concrete slab. The process is repeated as necessary per the project designer’s plans.

After the piers are driven and the brackets are attached, the installers will attempt to raise the slab to its original position. Grout is then pumped into the drilled foundation’s holes in order to fill the empty space left by the compacted soil and the piering process. The hole is then filled with concrete to permanently seal it and preserve the slab’s structural integrity.

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Our Mobile slab pier systems are one of the quickest, least invasive forms of foundation repair. Projects using this method can be typically completed within a matter of days with minimal disturbance to the interior structure of your home. Alternative options offered by other contractors, like applying releveling grout, mudjacking, or slab replacement take much longer, are typically more expensive, and do not address the root cause of the problem: poor soil supporting the slab.

MDH Foundation Repair installs slab pier systems in Mobile, Daphne, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulf Shores and more.

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