Foundation Settlement Sinking

When the soil under your house compacts upon itself or erodes, any structures above it will settle. This, in turn, warps the house’s framing and causes cracks to form in the foundation. Visible damage from foundation settlement and sinking may also manifest in the “stair step” cracking in your brickwork or block foundations. This kind of issue has a cascading effect which will extend well beyond just your foundation. Other problems may surface in the form of sticking windows & doors, uneven floors, and chimney cracks.

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MDH Foundation Repair Settlement Sinking

Pier Systems

Piering systems come in many shapes and forms, and some materials and methods are more effective and proven than others. For instance, older piering systems employed concrete piers which — at best — can be ineffective, and, at worst, actually compound the issues of a settling foundation. MDH Foundation Repair uses steel helical piers designed by Supportworks and are manufactured to the highest standards. Additionally, MDH Foundation Repair’s experts work and train closely with Supportworks’ team to ensure that your repair solution is installed perfectly the very first time.

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MDH Foundation Repair Pier Systems

Total Foundation Replacement

Often, when a client notices that their foundation is crumbling, they hastily jump to the conclusion that the best course of action would be to immediately replace their damaged foundation with a completely new one. In fact, there are companies which specialize in doing just that. However, note that employing total foundation replacement as a solution only addresses the symptom and not the cause. A brand-new foundation built on collapsing, unstable soil or on ground with poor drainage will eventually crumble just like the old one. Only a solution like helical piers, which penetrate beyond the unstable soil to either structurally-sound strata (or even bedrock) can effectively stabilize your foundation.

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MDH Foundation Repair Settlement Sinking Total Foundation Replacement