Symptoms of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems are an issue that many buildings face. It’s only natural for a structure to experience some degree of wear and tear as the years go on, and when supporting soils underneath the structure move or erode, foundation damage can occur. You may be wondering if your home or office building is showing signs of foundation problems, and you might be anticipating a large repair bill in the future. Fortunately there are ways to identify potential sources of future damage and prevent them from occurring at all! Though some symptoms of foundation problems may be easier to spot than others, it’s always a good idea to be vigilant and keep an eye out for any signs of damage. The Mobile foundation repair experts at MDH Foundation Repair can inspect your property to check for early warning signs.

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Common Symptoms

As settling can occur slowly and incrementally over time, it often takes a while to even notice an apparent issue with your foundation. Only in rare circumstances (like a heavy storm or flood, for instance) will critical symptoms manifest. However, there are some tell-tale signs, like cracking walls or sagging crawl spaces in your Mobile are home, which can help you diagnose a potential foundation problem early. If you find any of these symptoms in your home, give us a call at MDH. We offer foundation repair throughout Mobile and surrounding areas!

Cracked Exterior Brick

Foundation Problems

One of the most notorious symptoms of foundation issues is visual cracking in bricks or walls. Keep an eye out for stair-step cracks that may appear on brick walls. If your home in Mobile has cracking walls, sagging crawl space, or noticeable floor and wall gaps, these are major indicators that your foundation is shifting and losing its stability, meaning that future damage is practically inevitable. Cracked walls also go hand-in-hand with bowing and leaning walls, which are another strong indicator of foundation problems. Should you see any of these signs, you should address the issue as soon as possible to minimize any potential damage from becoming a much larger problem.

Similar to visible cracks in walls, finding cracks in your floors or ceilings is another very common symptom of foundation issues. On top of this, your floor may also be indicating that foundation damage is occurring if there is noticeable space between your floors and your walls or if your floor begins to feel uneven. Uneven floors, cracking walls, and sagging crawl spaces in your Mobile area home will only become a bigger problem if not properly addressed. These are among the most noticeable symptoms, as they affect some of the most common areas in the home.

Though these are some of the most easily identifiable symptoms of foundation problems, there are many others that are not as easy to spot. Should you notice any of these common symptoms, or if you want a free foundation consultation, reach out to MDH Foundation Repair in Mobile today, and get the peace of mind you deserve!