Floor Cracks

When the supporting soil underneath your home begins to diminish, you may start noticing cracks forming in your concrete floor. Foundation slabs will settle when the supporting ground beneath them is compressed or washed away. Once of the biggest indicators of slab settlement, beyond seeing gaps between your floors and ceilings, is the appearance of cracks at the corners of your door frames.

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Options to Avoid

Replacing Your Slab

Replacing your slab is an example of going too far with concrete or basement floor crack repairs in Mobile. First the old concrete must be jackhammered into manageable pieces and removed by hand. This involves the removal of all your belongings, floor coverings, and interior walls. Then, a new slab must be poured and is cured over a period of up to 14 days. While this process is extremely expensive and time consuming, the worst of it is that replacing your slab still doesn’t fix the problem.

Releveling Your Slab

Releveling the slab is an example of not going far enough with repairing your concrete or basement floor cracks in Mobile. This process involves pouring self-leveling grout onto the old slab. However, if the old slab’s surface isn’t properly prepared, the grout will fail to set correctly causing chunks of foundation to break off over time. Additionally, the leveling grout adds a significant amount of weight to your foundation which can exacerbate its settling

Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

Rather than treating the symptom, MDH Foundation Repair recommends a permanent solution. Some of the remedies for your cracked slab include using a piering system to add stability to your foundation by directly connecting it to load-bearing soil or bedrock. Another option would be to employ StrongHold Poly Foam to raise the settled concrete back to its original position. For more information on some of the technologies MDH Foundation Repair uses to repair basement and concrete floor cracks in Mobile, click below:

MDH Foundation Repair fixes concrete floor cracks in Mobile, Daphne, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulf Shores and more.

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