If you’ve noticed gaps between your interior walls and the floor or ceiling, you may have a serious structural issue going on with your foundation. Typically these gaps are a result of your home’s foundation settling into the poorly compacted, moisture-rich, or dried-out soils below. As your foundation unevenly sinks and/or cracks from constant seasonal changes in the water content of the soil beneath your home, it pulls the rest of the house’s structure with it, causing additional stress at the top and bottom of your interior walls. Whichever interior wall attachment is weaker — at the floor or at the ceiling — is where a gap will occur. MDH Foundation Repair’s team of sinking foundation repair experts in Mobile utilize push piers, helical piers, and other systems to permanently fix these issues.

Understand Why
Damaged Concrete - Interior

Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

MDH Foundation Repair employs a variety of techniques and equipment to permanently fix cracked bricks and blocks and repair sinking foundations for homes in Mobile. These include:

Helical Piers- The piers in this system look like giant screws, which we drill into the ground the way you twist a corkscrew into a bottle of wine. The helical piers are screwed (rather than pushed) deep enough into the ground to gain solid footing in soil with sufficient load-bearing capacity to handle the weight of your Mobile home. This is the most economical foundation repair system and is perfectly adequate as a permanent solution for stabilizing the foundations of residential homes and other buildings when greater depths are needed to reach load-bearing soil.

StrongHold Support System- This supplemental crawl space support system was designed to shore up beams and sagging floor joists by using the home’s existing columns. The StrongHold support system is made from galvanized steel and offers a long-lasting solution for sagging floors and wall and floor gaps by distributing the house’s weight over a broader area.

Encapsulation Crawl Space

Foundation problems will never get better over time; they only get worse, until the damage becomes almost overwhelmingly extensive and expensive to repair. The crack you see in your foundation may seem small now, but in a few years, because of the expansive soils beneath your home, the crack will increase in size and others will appear.

When you suspect foundation issues because of floor and wall gaps in your Mobile home, reach out to MDH Foundation Repair to schedule a free consultation right away. Our experienced sinking foundation repair specialists in Mobile are dedicated to restoring the stability and value of your home.

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