Sticking Windows and Doors

When you find that your windows are stuck shut, particularly in older homes, most people assume it’s due to painted sills, or that the window has been bolted closed. Similarly, when a home’s doors are hard to open, or refuse to close correctly, many people assume that humidity has warped the door. The actuality in both instances is that there may be severe issue with your home’s foundation.

In order for doors and windows to function properly, they are dependent on your house’s framing being straight and square. However, as your foundation settles unevenly, this renders all of your home’s previously-right angles askew enough to impede functionality. If you find your doors and windows sticking, contact MDH in Mobile for foundation consultations and repair.

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Stuck Window

Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

MDH Foundation Repair in Mobile has a bevy of solution options which can be custom tailored to your home’s particular needs:

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