Sticking Windows and Doors

When you find it difficult to open your windows or that your windows are stuck shut altogether, particularly in older homes, most people assume it’s due to painted sills, or that the window has been bolted closed. Similarly, when a home’s doors are hard to open, or refuse to close correctly, many people assume that humidity has warped the door. The actuality in both instances is that there may be severe issue with your home’s foundation.

In order for doors and windows to function properly, they are dependent on your house’s framing being straight and square. However, as your foundation settles unevenly, this renders all of your home’s previously-right angles askew enough to impede functionality. If you find your doors and windows sticking, contact MDH in Mobile for foundation consultations and repair.

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Diagnosing and Fixing the Problem

The damage is most often the result of expansive soil that expands and shrinks as it absorbs or loses water content during seasonal changes from wet to dry months. The cycle of expanding and shrinking causes the soil to shift and, as it does, the foundation of your home shifts with it, and begins to settle. But a house will never settle smoothly or evenly. One corner or one whole side of your home will sink lower than the rest. That unevenness creates torsion, which puts stress on the concrete, bricks and blocks, or masonry of your foundation, rigid components of your home that were never meant to bend or flex. Over time, your foundation will begin to deteriorate and even crack because of the tension, which only increases the unevenness and loss of stability in your home. The interior walls begin to sink with the foundation, and the frames around your windows and doors are no longer square and even. Without right angles, your window panes and doors no longer fit their framing.

The seasoned foundation repair experts in Mobile at MDH Foundation Repair know every way possible to permanently repair your foundation and solve the issue of sticking windows and doors in your Mobile home. Our foundation repair experts preferred solutions are helical piers and other pier systems for Mobile foundations. Helical piers look like giant rotini pasta. They don’t require a lot of excavation or heavy equipment, which makes them easy and quick to install, thus making them more cost-effective than other Mobile foundation repair solutions because of reduced time and manpower.

MDH Foundation Repair in Mobile has a bevy of solution options which can be custom tailored to your home’s particular needs:

If you’re having issues with sticking windows and doors, reach out to the number-one choice in Mobile for pier system installation and foundation repair. Our Mobile, AL team of foundation repair professionals is committed to getting the job done right and will go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation on the ways we can permanently restore the structural stability and comfort of your home.

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