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Whether from soil settlement, subsidence from the removal of material (usually groundwater) from beneath your home, or faulty grading during the construction of your home, there is every chance the foundation that supports your house will need foundation repair at some time or another. It’s pretty much a given, and if the damage has gone for a while, it’s also a given that some particular solutions will be needed to restore the structural stability of your home. The foundation repair contractors in Pensacola at MDH Foundation Repair have more than a few solutions to repair a failing foundation, but we frequently prefer the permanent stability of helical pier installation to ensure your Pensacola home remains stable and retains its value well into the future.

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A helical pier is a heavy-duty steel soil anchor that looks like a giant corkscrew, which we rotate into the ground until it takes hold in more stable soil or bedrock. The piers are a deep-ground solution designed for heavy load capacity and long-term efficacy. Our Pensacola foundation repair contractors rely on StrongHold helical piers, designed with proprietary modifications that make them an obvious choice over competing piers. Helical plates are specifically angled and spaced evenly along the steel shaft of the anchor, which gives the appearance of a screw. The shafts are round, which eliminates any chance of corner failure with square anchors. Once your Pensacola area helical pier installation is complete, we transfer the entire weight of your home or commercial building onto the piers.

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The defined angle of the round plates and their calculated spacing along the shaft of the anchor provide their strength (depth-to-capacity ratio). The “screw” is rotated into the soil and, just like a screw in a 2x4, anchors itself into the ground to provide a permanent solution for restoring the structural integrity of your home or business. The piers are easy to install, disturb the soil only minimally, and are stronger than other solutions.

Contact the experts at MDH Foundation Repair when your home or commercial space begins to lose solid footing in the ground. The sooner we address the issue, the less chance you’ll have the headache of bigger and more expensive repairs in the future. Reach out to our team of Pensacola helical pier installation and foundation repair contractors today to request your free consultation!

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