Which Method of Concrete Leveling Works Best for Sinking Concrete?

It can be frustrating when you notice that your concrete slab has begun to sink. Whether it’s your sidewalks, your front steps, or the pavement in front of your Mobile business, cracked or uneven concrete can be unsightly and can even become a tripping hazard. The worst part is, it’s a problem that can worsen over time if it’s not dealt with. MDH Foundation Repair is here with the solution to your sinking concrete problem. We offer state-of-the-art concrete leveling services in Mobile, so you can quickly and easily return your slab to its former glory.

Sinking Slab

Poly Foam or Mudjacking—What’s the Difference?

In the foundation repair and concrete leveling industries, professionals and experts often use one of two methods to lift and level concrete: mudjacking or polyurethane foam. But which one is preferable? Which one lasts longer? Our experts have weighed the pros and cons of each, and we agree that there are many advantages to using polyurethane foam. At MDH Foundation Repair, we prefer to use StrongHold Poly Foam for our concrete lifting and leveling services.

  • Mudjacking — Mudjacking is a method of leveling concrete that’s been around for decades. It involves injecting a mortar-based mix into spaces underneath the sunken or cracked concrete to lift it and level it in Mobile. Its downfall? Mudjacking is not a long-lasting solution. It’s a service that will need to be repeated often as time goes on. Also, the added weight of the mixture can cause unintended additional settlement of the slab if the soil beneath is not properly compacted. This form of concrete leveling was sufficient when there wasn’t another option; however, there is a better solution now.
  • Poly Foam — The Mobile concrete leveling experts here at MDH Foundation Repair prefer StrongHold Poly Foam because it has proven to be an effective and lasting solution to lift and level sinking concrete. While the mudjacking mix breaks down over time, the Poly Foam injection method is a permanent solution. In addition to being light weight, the foam compacts the soil beneath as it raises the slab back to its original position. Our technicians can accurately lift and level your concrete quickly and efficiently. One of the best benefits is that it cures in about 30 minutes! You won’t be waiting for days or even hours to use your driveway or sidewalks.

If you’re ready to see our StrongHold Poly Foam concrete lifting leveling services around Mobile in action, reach out to our professionals at MDH Foundation Repair today! Our Mobile team can answer any mudjacking and poly foam questions you have and provide a free consultation!