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We Can Do
Concrete Repair

Concrete Leveling

Replacing cracked or uneven concrete is a messy and costly job. Worse, it can happen again to your new concrete if the damage was caused by a low-quality base. MDH Foundation Repair’s Pascagoula concrete repair services focus on solving the root of the problem at a fraction of the cost of replacement. Our concrete lifting and leveling services in the Pascagoula area restore the beauty and safety of your original concrete by directly addressing the need for a proper base.

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MDH Foundation Repair Concrete Leveling

Concrete Lifting

We use the eco-friendly PolyLevel Foam in our concrete lifting and leveling. Rated both for residential and commercial jobs, it allows us to repair concrete in Pascagoula without using any destructive equipment or heavy machinery. We lift and level your concrete quickly and efficiently without causing damage to the surrounding area. The job is usually finished within an hour and the concrete can be used as soon as we’re done. This permanent process can be used to lift and level almost every concrete slab.

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MDH Foundation Repair Concrete Lifting

Concrete Resurfacing

Beyond our concrete lifting and leveling in Pascagoula, we also offer concrete resurfacing because your beautiful concrete doesn’t always stay that way. Over time, the original luster can dull, while unfortunate stains and chips can accumulate. These can be repaired with our concrete slab repair services in Pascagoula, and your concrete’s lost luster renewed, with our concrete resurfacing processes. Whether you need concrete lifting, leveling, or resurfacing, contact us today for a free concrete inspection.

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