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Foundation issues are often caused by inadequate soil below a structure. To stabilize your home, its foundation may need some additional support. By installing a system of galvanized steel helical piers beneath your home’s foundation, MDH Foundation Repair restores stability. Our Pascagoula-based foundation pier installation company contractors insert helical piers deep into the soil to ensure that they are sturdy and can reinforce the surrounding earth well. Our team attaches heavy-duty steel brackets to the foundation and to the helical piers. Once this is done, the weight of your home will be supported by solid stable soil, not just the unstable soil right below the surface.

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Pier Installation

Pier System Recommendations

In general, there are three types of foundation piers our contractors install for homeowners. These are slab, push, and helical piers. Based on your particular kind of foundation and the soil beneath it here locally, MDH Foundation Repair primarily installs helical piers which is the most appropriate pier system that is best for your home here along the gulf coast.

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Helical Piers

Pier System Installation

Since our helical pier systems are placed underground, they are not visible from the surface. A great benefit of installing piers under your home is that in addition to making your foundation more sturdy, they can often return it to its original position if it has settled.

Our team will choose the pier system that works best for your home and install it quickly so that your family can be confident that your foundation will hold up for many years to come. Hire our Pascagoula-based helical pier installation experts and rest assured knowing that your foundation is in the best shape possible.

Not all Piers are Created Equal

To ensure the quality of your pier system, MDH Foundation Repair only uses durable steel brackets and helical piers from reliable manufacturers. Their heavy-duty pier systems are designed to be long-lasting and efficient.

Rather than rely on outdated, concrete pier systems, our helical pier contractors in Pascagoula make it a point to utilize only the latest technology. Because of the size and shape of concrete piers, installing them in the soil is quite challenging. They also lack a sufficient guiding mechanism, which means that they are frequently inserted at an improper angle. Additionally, unlike steel piers, concrete piers will eventually break down, compromising the stability of your foundation and your home. While purchasing steel piers is initially more expensive than concrete piers, they can save you a lot of money on foundation repair costs in the long run.

Our helical pier installation team serves Pascagoula, Gulf Shores, Daphne, Biloxi, Mobile, and beyond.

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