Pascagoula Sinking Foundation Repair Services

Compacting or eroding soil underneath your home can cause its structure to settle, leading to all sorts of issues, including warped frames and cracked foundations. Other signs of foundation settlement or sinking can be cracks in your house’s block foundations, brickwork, or chimney. It is also important to keep an eye out for uneven floors and sticking doors or windows. To prevent any more serious problems from occurring, contact our sinking foundation repair experts in Pascagoula today.

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Pier Systems

One great way to stop a foundation from sinking any further is to install a quality pier system. There are a variety of options to choose from when selecting a pier system for your Pascagoula home. While deciding which system is best for your house, keep in mind that some methods and materials are proven to work better than others. For example, while concrete piers were often used in the past, over time, contractors have found them to be less effective than other systems. Not only that but they are known to exacerbate foundation settlement issues. Alternatively, MDH Foundation Repair in Pascagoula uses helical pier systems that are made of galvanized steel.

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Total Foundation Replacement

Homeowners with damaged foundations often incorrectly assume that they need a complete sinking foundation replacement. However, our Pascagoula-based contractors have actually found that installing quality helical piers deep into the ground, past the unstable soil can be a much better solution. Replacing your foundation without tending to the root cause of the issue is only a temporary fix. With time, a new foundation that is built on the same poor soil will crack just like the one before it. Call our sinking foundation repair specialists in Pascagoula today to protect your home for years to come.

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