The Choice Is Yours

At MDH Foundation Repair, we believe in providing only the best materials, products, and services with every job we do. In order to provide the highest quality workmanship and dehumidifier installation services for our Pensacola clients, we work with SafeBasementsTM products, and use reputable dehumidifier brands such as Aprilaire® and Santa Fe. With these products, moisture problems in rooms of any size are no longer an issue. Mold, mildew, and harmful airborne substances are stopped at the source when these dehumidifiers are in use.

Wet Basement


Aprilaire has been notorious for building and designing dehumidifier units and products in the United States since 1938. The high-quality manufacturing process and the products that result from it are built to impress, being tested through uncompromising trials and boasting undiminishing quality for a minimum of five years. Their manufacturing process specializes in preventing leaks, and the packaging of their products ensures damage-free shipment time and time again. The dehumidifiers that Aprilaire produces utilize new corrosion-resistant aluminum coils, greatly improving their overall quality as well. They have such faith in their products, that they offer a 5-year manufacturer warranty on all of their dehumidifiers, providing unrivaled protection for every customer.

Santa Fe

Based out of the United States in Madison, WI, Santa Fe Dehumidifiers focuses on ensuring the safety and health of homes through energy-efficient means. All dehumidifiers produced by Santa Fe are Energy Star rated, meaning they not only look out for you and the air in your home, but also for the environment. Not only are their units unshakably reliable, composed of only the highest quality materials and backed entirely by Santa Fe, but they are also supported by a full six-year manufacturer warranty. This company produces some of the best quality dehumidifiers on the market, and has incredible service to boot. MDH Foundation Repair has used Santa Fe Dehumidifiers on many of our installation jobs in Pensacola, and they have proven to be among the best.

Benefits of using an Aprilaire® or Santa Fe dehumidifier:

- Made in the United States
- They have a wide range of capacities
- Especially designed for crawl space and basement areas
- Backed by a five- or six-year manufacturer warranty
- Made with dependable commercial grade quality

We’ve proudly provided basement waterproofing in Pensacola for more than 20 years. Our waterproofing experts use top-of-the-line products to ensure your basement stays clean and dry and protect your home’s value. Contact us today for your free inspection!