Uneven Floor Repair Services in Pensacola

A new home with uneven floors? You wouldn’t stand for it, but most owners of older homes attribute the sags, slants, creaks, and bounces in their floors to the character of the house and the way it has “settled in” over time. But besides looking and sounding creaky and squeaky, uneven floors in your Pensacola home often indicate a condition with the crawl space or the foundation that is crying out for attention. The longer that condition is left unattended, the more costly the repair could be down the line.

MDH Foundation Repair in Pensacola is dedicated to helping you avoid serious expenses, but also to ensure the most important function of your home remains intact: its structural stability. If you need a company to locate the cause of and repair your sagging, sloping, or creaking floors in Pensacola, the uneven floor experts at MDH are here to help.

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Causes of Uneven Floors in Pensacola

An uneven floor sags, slopes, or creaks, and a primary cause for that is moisture from leaky pipes in the walls or excessive moisture and even standing water in the crawl space just below the floor.

An exposed crawl space allows in a lot of humidity, and when the ground becomes saturated, water will begin to pool, and over time, will soak into the wooden joists and beams that support your flooring. Once the wood rots, nothing is left to hold up your floors.

Another major cause of uneven floors in Pensacola is expansive soil around your foundation. Wet soil expands and dry soil shrinks, which creates movement that affects the stability of your foundation, which, owing to the domino effect, adversely affects the stability of your floors.

The problem can be more serious if the unevenness of your floors is due to poor workmanship that, over time, has finally begun to fail. The solution for this is expensive, but the professionals at MDH Foundation Repair have the expertise, manpower, and necessary equipment to get your home back on solid footing with the option that is most cost-effective. We offer sagging, sinking, and creaking floor repair in Pensacola, and we can provide a free consultation to determine the cause of your uneven floors.

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When you’ve finally grown tired of creaky floors and leaning to one side when you walk down the hallway, Contact MDH Foundation Repair to schedule your free consultation. Our team of Pensacola uneven floor experts will be happy to provide you with a thorough analysis of the conditions of your crawl space and the stability of your foundation.

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