Leaning, Tilted, or Cracked Chimney in Pensacola

It’s rather unnerving when you notice your chimney is cracked, tilted, or has even separated from the side of your house. Instantly, you conjure images of the chimney falling to the ground. You don’t want that to happen, and neither do we. The sooner you contact us for cracked chimney repair on your Pensacola home, the safer you’ll feel. We’re MDH Foundation Repair, and we’ve got all the right solutions to fix your damaged chimney.

Cracked or tilted bricks often cause a blockage in the flue, which can trap the toxic smoke inside your home. Certainly a serious situation, but a failed chimney also indicates an even bigger issue—an almost certain possibility the foundation of your home is compromised.

All homes, even ones recently constructed, are susceptible to foundation problems, but more so in older homes. Unstable soil conditions beneath your home get worse over time, and eventually, as the soil expands and contracts with changes in water content, the foundation of your home shifts and settles, but never evenly. One side of your foundation may sink lower than another, and because of its rigidity, the concrete foundation may crack, which consequently affects the stability of your chimney. Subsidence, caused by the removal of something beneath your home (water, soil, other material), creates conditions in which the ground can no longer bear the weight of your home or the chimney.

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Pensacola Cracked, Tilted, or Leaning Chimney

Pensacola Cracked, Tilted, or Leaning Chimney

In most situations like this, our cracked chimney repair experts in Pensacola rely on helical pier systems to restore the stability of your chimney and the integrity of your foundation. Helical piers resemble large screws, which we drill into the ground beneath the house to anchor into soil or bedrock strong enough to bear the weight of the building. Once the piers are installed, you’ll never again have to worry about your chimney falling down.

At the first sign of a leaning, tilting, or cracked chimney in Pensacola, reach out to MDH Foundation Repair and schedule your free consultation to discuss the most permanent and cost-effective solution to restore the stability of your chimney and your home. Taking care of issues now prevents bigger worries and greater expenses down the road.

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