In our area, there are typically two types of insulation commonly used in crawl spaces; spray foam and batt. But these types of insulations are not suitable for crawl spaces for your Pensacola home. Over time in our humid climate, both of these insulations breed fungal growth and create the perfect habitat for rodents and other pests. The excessive moisture that is retained by the insulation will cause the wooden joists that support the floor of your home to rot, causing the floors of your home to sag and creak. When you need a crawl space moisture control solution in Pensacola that actually works, reach out to the experts at MDH Foundation Repair.

Crawl Space Encapsulation Services in Pensacola

No matter what kind of water problem you’re having in your Pensacola home, crawl space moisture control and encapsulation are the solutions. Proper encapsulation involves installing a true moisture barrier that significantly reduces humidity from the air of the crawl space, thus reducing fungal growth and resulting in better air quality throughout your entire home. The elimination of humidity creates a dry environment that is uninviting to pests and prevents your floor joists from soaking up water. Overall, crawl space encapsulation and moisture control in Pensacola will help sustain the resale value of your home.

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Contact MDH Foundation Repair for a free consultation on crawl space encapsulation for your home. We’ve been your local Pensacola crawl space moisture control experts for many years, which means we understand the kinds of water problems that can affect and damage your home. Our team of professional crawl space and foundation experts at MDH has acquired the knowledge to provide a moisture control solution perfect for your Pensacola-area home. Reach out to us today!