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Foundation Drainage Problems

A huge issue for your home is when the surrounding soil becomes saturated and causes pressure on your foundation. This pressure, referred to as hydrostatic pressure, can cause cracks in your foundation and diminish its integrity. When the soil is too dry, it can form air pockets, causing the soil to shift or erode, which can also cause foundation problems. MDH can help prevent these potential foundation problems with our exterior drainage services offered in Pensacola.

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Seasonal and Climate Issues

The cyclical nature of wet and dry seasons can cause soil erosion, which can cause voids beneath the foundation. For example, during the rainy season, there is a higher moisture content in the soil, which will cause it to expand, adding extra weight—as much as several thousand pounds of pressure per square foot—on your home’s foundation. Erosion can occur when the soil becomes dry, causing the foundation to sink and lead to unevenness and cracking. Don’t let the state of your foundation get worse, contact MDH in Pensacola for a free foundation inspection.

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Insuring Proper Drainage

To ensure the safety of your home and the stability of your foundation, MDH Foundation Repair can provide expert exterior drainage services in the Pensacola area. It is important to ensure water flow is directed away from your home. One way to determine whether there is a proper decrease in your property’s elevation moving away from the foundation is to have a 5% grade, or a 6-inch drop in elevation for the first 10 feet away from the foundation. To measure the drop in elevation, you will need two stakes, a 10-foot length of string, and a ruler. Place one stake near your foundation, and the other 10 feet away in a straight line, tie one end of your string to the stake nearest your foundation as close to ground level as you can and tie the other end of the string to the far stake and make sure the run is level. Use your ruler to measure the distance between the ground at the far stake and where the level string touches the stake. If the distance is at least six inches, you have a satisfactory grade. If you have less, you will need to add fill dirt around the foundation and compact it.

MDH Foundation Repair can assist you with foundation drainage solutions so you have the peace of mind you deserve. Contact our exterior drainage experts in Pensacola today for a free inspection!