Do the wooden floors of your Pensacola home sag and creak when you walk across them? If you don’t have an enclosed basement beneath your home, and it’s not elevated on stilts (piles) or supported by a concrete slab, you most likely have a crawl space beneath your flooring that has the potential to cause issues for your entire house. The crawl space and floor support experts in Pensacola at MDH are here to help.


Your crawl space is more than likely open to the outside elements and has the propensity to accumulate pools of standing water, particularly in a wet, humid area like Pensacola. When left unattended, the excessive moisture and humidity will saturate the wooden joists that support and stabilize the floors of your home. Water-soaked wood is susceptible to fungal growth, pest invasions, and rot. Once compromised, the wood joists become spongy and unable to support or stabilize the floor above. Excessive water in the crawl space can also saturate the ground during wet seasons, causing unnecessary crawl space moisture under your Pensacola home. As the soil loses water and then eventually reabsorbs water, the ground shifts unevenly, and that unevenness is transferred to the original support columns that hold up the floor joists.

MDH Foundation Repair Crawlspace Insulation Blow-In


Our crawl space and floor support experts in Pensacola have decades of experience notched into their belts, and they also have the perfect solution to level your uneven floors and restore the stability of your home. We offer our Pensacola customers the StrongHold Support System to support floors and stop the creaking you hear when you walk from one room to another. In addition to the existing support columns in your crawl space, the galvanized steel and aluminum StrongHold Support System distributes the weight of the house across a broader area than simply transferring that weight to a set of centralized columns. The system can also be adjusted to accommodate seasonal changes.


Uneven and sloped floors can also result from foundation settling, but those issues require a different repair solution than the installation of our proven StrongHold Support System in your Pensacola home. So, when the floors of your home begin to make you feel like you’re living in the fun house at a county fair, and you sneak a peek into that dank space beneath your home and see standing water, reach out to our floor support experts in Pensacola for proven crawl space support solutions. Our team is dedicated to providing permanent solutions to maintain the structural integrity and stability of your Pensacola-area home. Contact us today to request your free consultation!