Water Management: Waterproofing & Drainage Services in Pensacola

Cleaning the rain gutters and downspouts on your home is one thing; maintaining them and keeping them in pristine condition is another. Thing is, it has to be done because the gutter system is designed to divert stormwater away from the foundation of your home, a rather important function when you consider faulty gutters are a primary cause of costly foundation repairs. Contact MDH Foundation Repair when you need gutter repair and replacement in Pensacola. We have a “dream team” of professionals who are experts in water management and drainage solutions to protect your foundation from water intrusion.

Gutter Repair and Replacement in Pensacola

Your home takes a beating from the intense weather conditions we experience along the Florida panhandle, and when you consider we’ve been directly drenched and blown down by eight hurricanes since 1975 here in Pensacola, you can bet we’ve got a lot more water and wind headed our way in the coming years. A gutter system that functions properly will make all the difference in preserving the value of your home and avoiding the hefty expense of foundation repairs when the rainy season hits.

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Damaged Gutters

Why New Gutters are Necessary

Broken gutters, rusty gutters that have sprung leaks, and gutters and downspouts that have become bent and are pulling away from the house—these all need to be replaced to prevent water from pooling around and soaking into your foundation and to restore proper water diversion.

Water always needs a place to go, and when the gutters are clogged or broken on your home in Pensacola, the drainage of stormwater from the roof will naturally spill over and go straight down the side of your house to its foundation. That standing water eventually seeps into the ground and begins to erode the soil around your foundation. The added weight from the water also exerts more pressure on your foundation, which can cause cracks, bowing, or foundation failure.

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