Pensacola Crawl Space Pest Control

You share your Florida home with pesky critters, creepy-crawly bugs, and fungus, and all of them thrive in that dark, damp space beneath the first floor of your home. It’s called a crawl space, and it is the bane of every homeowner in the country, especially in an area like Pensacola where it’s hot, humid, and smack dab on the Gulf Coast. With so much water around, it’s hard to keep anything dry, and crawl spaces just seem to soak it all in. All that moisture inside the crawl space becomes a cozy place for vermin, insects, and fungal growth that rots the wood joists and beams that support your floors and keep your home stable. Our favorite permanent solution for water intrusion and crawl space pest control in Pensacola is crawl space encapsulation, getting rid of the humidity and pests once and for all.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Pensacola

After a thorough inspection to determine the type of Pensacola crawl space pest control measures it will take to completely mitigate the pest problem and dry out the entire space, we’ll set to work installing moisture barriers—heavy-duty plastic sheets—on the foundation walls and the dirt floor to completely seal out the moisture that invited all the unwanted pests in the first place. We want our crawl space solutions to work for as long as you own your Pensacola home, and even long after. Our Pensacola crawl space encapsulation experts are dedicated to providing you with permanent solutions, and when it comes to encapsulating your crawl space to create the environment that helps to eliminate the pests that threaten the comfort and value of your home. Contact the professionals at MDH Foundation Repair and schedule your free consultation for crawl space encapsulation to restore the comfort of your home and preserve its value.

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