It can be more than a little disconcerting when you walk into a room and see floor and wall gaps in your Pensacola home. That separation indicates the foundation of your home or business may have structural issues that need to be addressed before they get worse and cost even more to repair. In most cases, the damage occurred because your home was built on expansive soil, which absorbs and holds moisture during wet seasons, then shrinks as the water content in the soil evaporates in drier months. That expand-shrink cycle creates movement in the soil. Your foundation begins to shift with the soil and settles. Houses never settle evenly. One corner, or several, will settle lower than the others and will create strain on the concrete of your foundation. Concrete is rigid, and is not made to bend and flex, thus the torque of settling, over time, will stress your foundation to the point of cracking. The interior walls are no longer supported evenly, and they shift in relation to the failing foundation.

Interior Dry Wall Crack


The team of Pensacola sinking foundation repair experts at MDH Foundation Repair know more than a few time-tested methods to correct the damage with a permanent fix that ensures you won’t experience future damage. No matter the severity of the problem, or whether it involves bricks and blocks, concrete walls, or masonry, we’ve got a solid solution specifically for your situation.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers

Our sinking foundation repair team in Pensacola often uses helical piers, which resemble giant corkscrews that we drill into the ground deep enough to reach soil with enough load-bearing capacity to support the weight of your home or commercial space. We find this is the most cost-effective technique for the permanent repair of your foundation because the piers can be installed at any depth necessary to provide permanent stability.

StrongHold Support System

Designed to support sagging floor joists and beams in the crawl space, the StrongHold support system uses the structure’s existing columns and functions as a supplemental crawl space support method. StrongHold is a long-term solution for wall and floor gaps in your Pensacola home, as it’s made from galvanized steel and is designed to distribute the weight of the structure over a wider area.

Whether you’re noticing floor gaps, wall gaps, or cracks—at the first sign of sinking foundation problems in your Pensacola home, reach out to the foundation repair experts at MDH Foundation Repair and schedule your free consultation. Foundation problems will only get worse and more expensive to repair the longer you hold off.