Wall Cracks Explained

It seems like any time the topic of foundation or wall crack repair in Pensacola comes up, the discussion will always gravitate toward the soil on which your home sits. Expansive (clay-rich) soil, which isn’t typical in the Pensacola area, moves and shifts with fluctuations between wet and dry in its water content. Subsidence (sinking) occurs when the soil becomes compacted and less elevated because the material—usually groundwater—is removed from the soil. Either condition causes your home to resettle unevenly. The torque and torsion from that uneven shift will crack your foundation, which can cause the walls inside your home to crack, particularly in the corners or where the floors and ceilings connect to the walls. Most likely, you will also notice that doors and windows stick and that the floors of your home may sag or become uneven.

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Interior Wall Crack

Don’t Avoid Foundation Repair
The integrity of your house’s structure depends upon a stable foundation. If you’ve noticed any of the common signs of foundation damage, such as wall cracks, sticking windows or doors, or uneven floors, reach out to a foundation contractor in Pensacola from MDH Foundation Repair right away. The longer foundation problems linger, the worse they get, and the cost of their repair increases exponentially, along with the time needed to complete the repair.

The MDH Solution
There are more ways than just a few to repair a foundation and restore the structural stability of your home in Pensacola. The foundation and wall crack repair experts at MDH know every one of them, and we’ll determine which solution is the most appropriate and cost-effective solution for your particular property. The right repair for your home might not work for your neighbor, and vice versa, so we’ll dig into the root cause of your problem to determine the ideal repair solution for your foundation.

Don’t trust the foundation restoration or wall crack repair of your Pensacola home to just anyone. You want to work with the experienced and trusted professional foundation contractors in Pensacola at MDH Foundation Repair. We offer free consultations, and we guarantee fair and honest pricing with no hidden costs or surprises. We’ll never make recommendations for unnecessary work. You’ll be more than satisfied with our superior workmanship and friendly customer service. Request your free consultation now!