Wood Pile Repair in Pensacola

The Gulf Coast offers many advantages to property owners; with a warm climate, beautiful scenery, and beaches within driving distance, what’s not to love? However, there are some obstacles that go along with owning a home, commercial building, or structure of any kind in Pensacola. Often, homes in Pensacola don’t use traditional foundations, but rather utilize wood piles for foundation support. This can make maintaining a strong and secure foundation more complicated.

As one would assume, our proximity to the Gulf adds water to ground soil, potentially causing damage to wood piles that support many structures in this area. Over time, the deterioration of these wood piles can lead to unsafe living conditions and potential hazards. When this happens, it’s vital that you take action, and quickly. When wood piles are not properly maintained, they may eventually need to be replaced, or the integrity of your building could be compromised. However, replacing wood piles under an existing structure isn’t practical or cost-effective.

Uneven Floors

When you find yourself in need of wood pile repair in Pensacola, contact the experts at MDH Foundation Repair. We have processes in place to restore your wood piles to like-new condition so you can have peace of mind during every season of the year. When it comes to your family’s safety and the integrity of your home, MDH Foundation Repair’s wood pile repair is a necessary measure to take.


Using our Denso systems for wood pile restoration, MDH can add structural support to your wood piles. The SeaShield pile protection systems prevent further decay in the form of a wrap system, and their fiber-form jackets with epoxy or cementitious grout offer an effective structural repair. With our Pensacola wood pile repair services, we can add years to the life of your wood pile foundation. s. If you’re ready to see how MDH Foundation Repair can restore your wood piles, contact us in Pensacola today for a wood pile foundation repair or to get a free service quote.