Crawl Space Pest Control in Mobile, AL

More than likely the crawl space beneath your home is dark, dank, smelly, and maybe just a wee bit scary—all because in a humid area along the Gulf Coast, say somewhere like Mobile, you’ve got pests that have taken up residence underneath your home. Moisture and a persistent water source create an environment in the crawl space that invites all kinds of intruders, from mice, rats, roaches, spiders, termites, snakes, and other pests you’d prefer were not sharing a home with you. Fungal growth is also an issue that can rot your wood floor joists, cause your floors to warp, sag, and creak, and fouls the air inside your home. By drying out the crawl space and completely sealing it from humidity and water intrusion, the pests putting the value of your home at risk will have nowhere to go except away from your property.

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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Mobile

Crawl space encapsulation in Mobile, AL involves the installation of heavy-duty membranes (plastic sheets) to fully seal off the vents, gaps between the foundation and the floor of your home, the narrow gaps around the pipes of your plumbing and electrical wiring, and any holes that may lead in and out of the crawl space.

The MDH Encapsulation includes a 3-part system: 1) internal drainage and sump pump to ensure any water that may enter the space is properly removed, 2.) a 20 mil moisture barrier covering all walls, support columns, and flooring, ensuring all gaps are completely sealed to keep moist air out, and 3.) a dehumidifier specifically designed for crawl spaces.

In any case, once our Mobile crawl space encapsulation experts at MDH Foundation Repair have encapsulated your crawl space, you’ll enjoy better comfort from the cleaner air inside your home and the lack of invasive pests giving you the creeps. There’s a good chance you’ll sleep better at night! Contact MDH Foundation Repair today to schedule your free consultation on a permanent solution for Mobile, AL crawl space pest control and encapsulation to dry out your crawl space and control the pest population beneath your home.

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