Signs Your Mobile, AL Home Needs Concrete Repair

Concrete Failures

You’ve got a lot of concrete on your property. Some of it acts as a foundation to support your home, some of it is used for walkways, and some of it is used for your driveway and the floor of your garage. Concrete is a great construction material. It’s been around for more than two millennia, and we’re still using it. But as common as it is, and even as strong as it is, concrete has low tensile strength, and it will crack and break. The soil on your property expands as it absorbs water in the wet months and shrinks when the water evaporates or percolates out during the dry months. The concrete on your property settles as the supporting ground beneath it shifts with the changing water content, leaving your Mobile, AL property in need of concrete repair.

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Symptoms of Concrete Problems in Mobile

Concrete never settles evenly. One side of a slab or a foundation wall will always sink or heave to elevations different from the other sides. In worst-case scenarios, if all four sides shift at varying angles and create torsional stress that exceeds the tensile strength of the concrete, you will see cracks in the concrete slabs of the sidewalks, driveway, and garage floor. If the pressure on the concrete is great enough, you’ll even see cracks in the slab foundation that supports your home. In most cases, you will see these symptoms of concrete problems in Mobile:

  • Sidewalks are unlevel and/or are cracked
  • Other concrete slabs are unlevel and/or are cracked
  • The foundation has heaved or has cracked
  • Brickwork shows stair-step cracks
  • Windows and doors in the house stick
  • Your concrete porch leans to one side
Sunken Concrete

Concrete Repair in Mobile

At the first symptoms of concrete problems in your Mobile, AL home, reach out to the professionals at MDH Foundation Repair. The longer you wait to fix your concrete, the more extensive the damage will become, and the more expensive it will be to make the necessary repairs later on. We offer a range of techniques for leveling, lifting, and repairing concrete on your Mobile property. Our professionalism, communication, and commitment to timeliness are second to none. And the quality of our craftsmanship soars beyond industry standards. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us restore the structural stability of your property.