Sinking Concrete

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Why Is My Sinking Slab?

A cracking or sinking concrete slab could be a symptom of a serious problem. It’s always worth fixing a sinking slab. When a slab sinks or cracks this indicates a structural and terrible issue. It can create an uneven surface that poses a safety hazard. It’s smart to fix a slab that is sunken or beginning to sink.

Sinking concrete problems and causes

Your concrete slab is heavy and when soil underneath it can’t support its weight the slab will begin to sink. A slab that’s cracking or sinking will progressively get worse over time. This can cause structural damage to your property and even safety concerns. Look for these signs to see if your concrete structure could be sinking.

Washout of soil from under the slab

Poorly compacted fill soil

Moisture and soil content changes