Water Management in Mobile

When you live in the Mobile-Tensaw River Delta, where most of Alabama’s rivers converge and flow into the Gulf, you know it’s only a matter of time before your home has water issues. And with the severe, unpredictable weather patterns we’ve experienced in recent years, who knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. MDH Foundation Repair is your number one choice in Mobile for water management solutions to protect your home now and in the future.

With an average of 66 inches of rainfall a year, you’ve probably experienced standing water on your property, and maybe even pools of water in the crawl space beneath your home, which can trigger fungal growth that creates rot on the wooden joists that support the floor of your home. As that necessary support begins to decay, the floors of your home will sag, will become uneven, and will creak. The solution is proper water management for your Mobile home by diverting water away from your home and off your property toward the curbside storm drains.

The water management experts at MDH Foundation Repair have multiple solutions to keep water from collecting where it shouldn’t be, including:

French Drain Installation

A French drain for your Mobile, AL home is a shallow channel dug around the foundation of your home that directs the flow of water to a trench, which is usually filled with gravel. The stormwater seeps into a perforated pipe at the bottom of the trench and is emptied a safe distance from the crawl space and foundation of your home.

Crawl Space Encapsulation

Crawl space encapsulation in Mobile incorporates heavy-duty plastic liners and insulation attached to the foundation walls and laid across the dirt floor to seal out water. We’ll seal off outside vents to stop the exterior elements from causing a buildup of humidity.

Dehumidifier Installation

In addition to encapsulation, we recommend adding a crawl space dehumidifier to assist in reducing the humidity beneath your home and to provide more assurance the area remains dry and free from wood rot.

Sump Pump

In a geographical area as water-logged as Mobile, we always recommend the addition of a sump pump to provide solid backup for water management on your property. A sump pump ensures any standing water beneath your home is diverted up, out, and away.

MDH Foundation Repair Crawlspace Encapsulation Sump Pump Install

Water damage beneath your home can become costly when left unresolved. The experts at MDH Foundation Repair have more than a few ways to keep your Mobile home dry and free from the dangers that come from excessive moisture accumulation. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation. We’re ready to develop the exact solution to manage the water in and around your home in Mobile, like french drains and crawl space encapsulation.