Crystalline, turquoise water and soft, white sand beaches—we’ve got some of the most beautiful coastline in the world right here in Mobile. It’s not uncommon to see houses elevated above potential flood levels by wood pile supports (foundation piles). In Mobile and all along the Gulf Coast beachfront, near the saltwater bays and estuaries of Mobile County, countless homes and businesses are supported by timber pilings. These support structures are relatively protected by the buildings they hold up. But as with anything that is constantly exposed to the elements and the extreme weather on the Gulf and in Mobile, wooden piles will begin to deteriorate, typically along the base of the pile where the wood meets the soil. This can cause damage to your home and require substantial investment in repairs if not treated sooner rather than later.

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When the wood pilings of your waterfront home or business show signs of deterioration, contact the wood pile foundation repair experts in Mobile at MDH Foundation Repair. As a local contractor deeply rooted here along the Gulf Coast, we’ve been your #1 company in Mobile for wood pile foundation repair and maintenance. We are dedicated to providing you with all the details and knowledge of your situation so that together we can arrive at the most long-term, cost-effective structural support solution for your home or business.

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Besides being susceptible to the deteriorating effects of rising ocean tides and rivers, we live in a warm and humid climate that creates perfect conditions for fungal growth, wood-eating pests, and just basic water saturation. Any of these can compromise the timber foundation stilts that support your Mobile area home. Common indications that your wood pilings are compromised include:

  • White or brown rot that looks “crumbled,” with cracks across the wood grain.
  • Soft, spongy decay indicates water intrusion and saturation.
  • Dark stains indicate fungal infestation or metal fastener deterioration.
  • “Fuzzy” sections from excessive saltwater exposure.

The experts at MDH Foundation Repair will work with you to arrive at the most effective and affordable solution to reinforce the structural support and perform wood foundation pile repairs to your Mobile home or business. We install a structural jacket around the damaged pile, providing structural integrity for years to come. Call us today and schedule your free consultation.