Wood Pile Repair in Mobile

There is a reason why so many call the Gulf Coast home. The beauty, the climate, the people, and the water! Many living along the shoreline in houses on wooden piles have a front-row seat to everything the gulf has to offer. However, these houses may face a unique maintenance need. Instead of foundation settling problems, over time, these wood piles can deteriorate and may need to be replaced. But replacing these piles under existing structures may not be feasible or cost-effective.

MDH Foundation Repair is now offering Mobile wood pile repair services using Denso systems. The SeaShield pile protection systems can prevent further deterioration to your piles in the form of simple wrap systems or can even provide a complete structural repair using a fiber-form jacket and an epoxy or cementitious grout. These systems will then add years to the life of your pile.

Why replace when you can repair?