Foundation Repair vs. Replace

Upon discovery of a potential foundation issue, many homeowner will be tempted to replace the entire thing. However, MDH Foundation Repair strongly advises against doing this in almost every case.

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MDH Foundation Repair Foundation Replace vs. Repair

Foundation Repair

MDH Foundation Repair strongly recommends repairing your foundation over replacing it entirely. It’s much less expensive, and the process can be completed in days (sometimes in a single day!) rather than weeks.

The biggest reason why you’d want to opt for a foundation repair over replacement is that MDH Foundation Repair’s tailored solutions actually address why your foundation failed in the first place. They employ highly engineered steel piering systems to divert the load from weak, failing soils to stabile, load-bearing soils or bedrock for a permanent solution.

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The Cost of Doing Nothing

Of course, yet another option is to ignore your foundation issues entirely. It’s easy to do as symptoms can take years to manifest, and may only worsen at an almost imperceptible rate. A crack in your masonry may only grow fractions of an inch over the course of a year. The biggest takeaway is that foundation problems will never improve themselves with time. Thus, they will never be as inexpensive to fix as they are right now.

There’s also the matter of your home’s value. The Real Estate Seller Disclosure Act requires that any foundation repair needs to be disclosed to potential home buyers. Often realtors are forced to discount houses with foundation issues by 10-20% in order to make a sale. By repairing your foundation, you’ll almost always come out ahead if you consider the loss you’ll likely have to take by not addressing it.