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Mike Hayes - Owner and President

Mike Hayes

Owner & President
With over 25 years as a state-licensed contractor, Mike has built a reputation on integrity and exceptional workmanship. His dedication to assembling a strong team mirrors MDH's ethos of caring for customers' homes, mutual respect, and passionately helping people. Mike's leadership ensures every homeowner receives outstanding service. Beyond work, he loves deep sea fishing and traveling with his wife, merging professional commitment with personal interests and a zest for adventure.
Shannon Reichart - General Manager


General Manager
With over 20 years in customer service and operations, Shannon leads MDH Foundation Repair by valuing people first, fostering exceptional customer experiences. His focus on long-term relationships and top-quality repairs showcases his passion for construction. Originally from Colorado, Shannon and his wife are now very happy to call the Gulf Coast home. His leisure pursuits include reading, gardening, and volunteer work.
Jeff DeGenshein - Director or Marketing and Production Operations

Jeff DeGenshein

Director of Marketing & Production Operations
Originally from New Jersey, Jeff excelled in creative advertising for 20 years before moving to Philadelphia, where he eventually changed careers to construction. Accumulating another 20 years, he brought his diverse expertise and commitment to client satisfaction to South Alabama in 2022. A devoted husband, father, and Pop-Pop, as well as a passionate Philadelphia Eagles fan, Jeff embodies deep faith, family ties, and community spirit in all aspects of his life.
Chris Perry - Director of Installation Lead


Director of Installation/Lead Foreman
Chris combines extensive experience in construction and house framing with skilled helical pier installation and crawl space support. His keen ability to identify key structural areas means a precisely tailored solution for each project. Chris's on-site leadership ensures every job is completed with excellence. Beyond work, Chris also enjoys fishing, coaching baseball to his sons, and growing micro-greens with his wife, balancing career with a fulfilling family and leisure life.
Hannah Alvarez - Director of Customer Experience


Director of Customer Experience
The welcoming voice of MDH, Hannah embodies the company's warmth and professionalism. She finds joy in connecting with both team members and homeowners, helping ease concerns. Committed to excelling in her role, Hannah appreciates MDH's emphasis on work-life balance. Her greatest happiness outside work comes from family adventures with her husband and two children, exploring theme parks like Disney, Universal, and Six Flags, with many more journeys in their future.
Kim Hayes - Director of Finance and Accounting

Kim Hayes

Director of Finance & Accounting
Kim is essential to MDH Foundation Repair, driving the company's efficiency and effectiveness. In her pivotal role, she maintains seamless operations and cherishes the family-like atmosphere at MDH. Committed to prioritizing customer needs, Kim ensures every job is done right initially. She delights in positive community feedback and safeguarding homeowners' valuable assets. Beyond work, Kim's passion for travel leads her to explore the vast experiences offered by the world.
Kyle Rabren - Solutions Consultant


Solutions Consultant
Blending an applied science background with his experience in turf management and horticulture, Kyle deeply understands local soil conditions and building structure health. A Baldwin County native, he enriches his professional skills with a love for the outdoors and past wildlife conservation work. Now in Saraland, Kyle's a devoted husband and father, enjoying fishing and playing guitar. His strong community ties and diverse expertise ensure thorough home repair assessments every time.
Ray Werhan - Solution Consultant


Solutions Consultant
With 20+ years in foundation repair, Ray offers unparalleled expertise to Gulf Coast homeowners. As a Pensacola native and certified Structural Technician, he understands the region's unique structural needs, ensuring accurate home assessments. Committed to quality and customer satisfaction, Ray provides comprehensive solutions. In his leisure time, he relishes his time outdoors, either in the woods or on the water, harmonizing his commitment to customers with his love for nature.
Jody Clements - Solutions Consultant

Jody Clements

Solutions Consultant
Jody combines extensive construction industry experience with a keen eye for detail, delivering real-world solutions to customers. His hands-on approach and deep understanding of the Gulf Coast's unique building needs make him a trusted voice in the industry. Beyond his professional expertise, Jody dedicates time to volunteer work and disaster recovery, adding empathy to his skillset. Embracing the Gulf Coast's beauty, Jody enjoys fishing in his skiff and golfing.
Hayden Moffet - Solutions Support Advisor

Hayden Moffet

Solutions Support Advisor
Originally from Shreveport, LA, Hayden combines his love for the outdoors with a commitment to excellence. The eldest of five and a sports enthusiast, he is skilled in guitar and enjoys beach and golf outings. With an Engineering-Industrial Technology degree from Southern Arkansas University, he transitioned to Pensacola in 2021, applying his knowledge to foundation repair. Hayden focuses on helping neighbors make informed decisions, providing solutions tailored to their specific needs.
Pedro Gomez - Senior Installation Specialist


Senior Installation Specialist
Pedro leads by example, skillfully handling various repair projects with minimal words. His vast experience and intuitive construction skills enable him to tackle challenges, ensuring no obstacle is too daunting. Pedro values the team's cohesion and professionalism, finding daily learning and improvement rewarding. The satisfaction of homeowners is his ultimate reward. In his private time, Pedro values family moments, underscoring his dedication to both his home life and professional responsibilities.
Auston Edge - Team Lead


Team Lead
Evolving from a novice to a highly-skilled Crew Leader, Austin specializes in crawl space work. His expertise ensures the quality and excellence of MDH Signature Crawl Space Encapsulations. Valuing the family-like environment, he enjoys teamwork and assisting homeowners. Beyond work, Austin embraces his new role as a husband and dad, outdoor adventures, and time with his dog, Moon-Pie, revealing a deep bond with his family and nature.
Snoop Manuel - Installation Specialist

“Snoop” Manuel

Installation Specialist
A seasoned member at MDH, "Snoop" is a master of navigating crawl spaces and thrives on teamwork. His commitment, exemplified by receiving the MDH Golden Hammer Award for emergency homeowner assistance, underlines his work ethic. Snoop finds immense satisfaction in solving under-house problems. Outside of work, he enjoys basketball and football, coupled with a liking for cleaning. At his core, Snoop is a hardworking individual who enjoys connecting with everyone.
Jerry Richard - Installation Specialist


Installation Specialist
Each morning, Jerry arrives ready for the challenges ahead, making demanding tasks seem effortless with his vibrant energy and positivity. He values the honesty and integrity of his team and finds learning new skills and continuously improving deeply rewarding. His role in helping fix customers' homes brings him great satisfaction. When not at work, Jerry enjoys studying various topics, hiking, and reading, highlighting his commitment to a well-rounded lifestyle.
Michael Tropea - Installation Specialist


Installation Specialist
Originally from Philadelphia, Michael infuses enthusiasm into MDH Foundation Repair, admiring the camaraderie and honest craftsmanship. While he most appreciates the work ethic and professionalism of his teammates, helping people is the most rewarding part of his job. Beyond work, Michael enjoys the beach, jet skiing, discovering new restaurants, and embracing the Gulf Coast lifestyle. His dedication as a die-hard Philly sports fan mirrors the passion he brings to all endeavors.
Alex Banks - Installation Specialist


Installation Specialist
Showcasing a profound eagerness to master the art of foundation repair, Alex is motivated to support his teammates and customers. He values improving his skills while embodying the company's commitment to excellence. Finding great reward in team unity and the impactful results of their work, Alex thrives professionally. Alex's personal time is spent engaging in dynamic activities like long-boarding and car detailing, showcasing his commitment to personal development and active hobbies.
Brandon Judy - Installation Specialist


Installation Specialist
Transitioning from a construction and landscaping company with supervisory roles, Brandon cherishes MDH's professionalism and cohesive teamwork. He values the welcoming atmosphere and the acceptance he's experienced from day one. Dedicated to ensuring customer comfort and peace of mind is what he finds most rewarding in his role. Outside the workplace, Brandon's unique hobby of collecting sports cards illustrates the breadth of his interests beyond his professional realm.
Kash Lucy - Installation Specialist

Kash Lacy

Installation Specialist
Kash embodies the company's values of helping homes, supporting homeowners, and teamwork. He prides himself on positively impacting each project, upholding high standards, and learning new skills. Kash thrives in the growth-centric environment at MDH, values traveling for varied Gulf Coast projects, and appreciates the close-knit, brotherly culture. Beyond his professional life, Kash's adventurous spirit is evident in his love for sports and exploring the Gulf Coast.
Dezmine Moorer - Installation Specialist

Dezmine MOORER

Installation Specialist
Known for his big smile and "can-do" attitude, Dezmine is a vital member of our production installation team. His focus on teamwork and collaboration contributes to the high quality of every project. He values MDH's family-like atmosphere and clear communication, distinguishing features of the company. Dezmine's off-hours are filled with culinary explorations, fitness, and family time, perfectly balancing his professional diligence with personal life enjoyment.