Disaster May Be Looming Overhead

  • Is the support beam above your garage door starting to look lopsided?
  • Are the bricks around your lintel getting cracks or breaches in them?
  • Have you noticed these problem signs in other houses on your street?
Lintel Beam - Repair

Disaster May Be Looming Overhead

  • Have you noticed the support above your garage door sagging?
  • Are there fractures and cracks in the bricks above your garage door?
  • Have you seen these symptoms on your neighbors' homes?
Lintel Beam - Repair

MDH’s Lintel Repair System

In addition to making your home look bad, a sagging garage door lintel can create safety issues for you and your family. The last thing you need is for your garage to collapse. To ensure that your lintel is sturdy and able to withstand the weight of your garage door, contact our team at MDH Foundation Repair. To help you make the most informed decision about your home, we even offer free inspections. Our experts are experienced in recognizing faults in lintels and quickly resolving any problems that they find. We are proud to provide each of our customers with service that is personalized based on the individual situation.

How Our Garage Lintel Repair Can Help You

MDH Foundation Repair can fix any lintel, whether it's for a residential or commercial building. While completing the repair, our contractors take the uniqueness of every home or company building into account. Our goal is to provide long lasting repairs so that you can have peace of mind in the years to come. If you believe that your lintel or garage door frame has been damaged, be sure to call us right away.

When our team inspects your garage door frame, they will meticulously check for every possible problem to make sure that your lintel is thoroughly fixed before we leave. Our solution fits any size garage door.

Contact our friendly team at MDH Foundation Repair today!

Installers lifting Garage lintel with LintelLift | MDH Foundation Repair

How MDH and LintelLift Can Help You

  • We're the experts in both commercial & residential structural support.
  • We'll evaluate your home looking for multiple causes & points of failure.
  • We'll develop a lintel repair plan specifically tailored to your home's needs.
  • We painstakingly choose our manufacturers based on dynamic quality & reliability.
Installers lifting Garage lintel with LintelLift | MDH Foundation Repair