Uneven Floor Leveling Services in Pensacola

You wouldn’t buy a new home with uneven floors, yet many older houses have creaking, uneven floors, which, in more cases than not, indicate structural or foundation issues that, if not correctly addressed, could lead to significant repair costs down the road and more extensive damage to your home.

Our goal at MDH Foundation Repair is to find the cause of your Pensacola uneven floors and design an immediate and cost-effective solution that meets your exact needs and ensures the problem doesn’t come back. Our floor and foundation leveling services in Pensacola are comprehensive, and if we determine the cause is a foundation issue, our uneven foundation repair services can provide a permanent solution.

Floor Level

An open or exposed crawl space accumulates moisture and humidity, which seeps into the wooden floor joists and support beams that support your floors, and ultimately your house. Over time, the wood begins to rot and the joists begin to sag, which then causes your floors to sag, swell, or become lopsided.

Cracks in the foundation or the concrete slab that supports the structure will also cause uneven floors in your Pensacola home. The expansive soils upon which a foundation is built expand and contract with the changes in the soil’s water content, and oftentimes, the soil can erode. Concrete cracks when it moves, and any crack, if left unmitigated, will grow larger and compromise the ability of your slab or foundation to support the weight of your home.

Our Pensacola uneven floor and foundation leveling experts will consult with you to determine the best course of action to repair your foundation and level your floors. Before we do any work, we want to know every detail of the project to ensure that your issues fall within our range of specialties and that we address every issue and do everything required to make a permanent repair.

Contact MDH Foundation Repair before your Pensacola uneven floors become even more uneven. We’ll provide a free consultation, and when you’re ready, we’ll provide you with a fair and honest work estimate. We’ve earned a reputation as a trusted foundation repair and uneven floor and foundation leveling company in the Pensacola area. Reach out to us today!

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