Creaky, Uneven Floors

Many homeowners who have a crawl space beneath their house believe sagging, creaky, uneven floors are the natural process of a home getting older, and that is often true, but noisy, spongy floors are not something you have to live with. In fact, those symptoms indicate the potential need for floor joist repair beneath your Mobile, AL home.

Why Floors Sag

We live in hurricane country here in Mobile, AL, and those massive storms often deluge us with more water than our home drainage systems can handle. Crawl spaces too often retain water long after the swirling storms have moved northward. The soil of the crawl space becomes saturated with water, and over time, the excessive humidity along coastal Alabama and the water beneath your home create conditions that compromise the floor joists that support the ground floor of your home. The prolonged retention of moisture provides an environment for fungal growth on the wood of the joists, which promotes wood rot and unhealthy air quality inside your home. The joists themselves absorb water. These combined conditions result in compromised floor joists, which will begin to sag and lose their ability to fully support your floor. Hiring the right floor joist repair contractor in Mobile, AL to inspect your crawl space can save you and your home from the stress of sagging floors and rotting supports.

MDH Foundation Repair

The Danger of Avoiding Repair

We don’t want to go into the details of what will eventually happen when compromised floor joists remain unattended, and you don’t want to experience the result of putting the damaged joists out of sight and out of mind because they are essential to the structural stability of your home. As time goes on, the repair becomes more extensive and exponentially more expensive. Repairing the problem sooner rather than later is more cost-effective and is less intrusive on your life.

The MDH Floor Joist Repair Solution

Our Mobile, AL area floor joist repair professionals at MDH Foundation Repair have more than a few ways to provide renewed floor support and level the floors of your home. Whether it’s a system of adjustable crawl space support jacks to your Mobile, AL area home, the addition of new piles and piers, or modification of the soil beneath your home, we’ll come up with a perfect solution specific to your property. Our experts may also recommend the construction of a drainage system to dry out the area and sustain the repair, reducing the need for us to return in the future. Contact us today and schedule your free consultation.