Advantages of Crawlspace Insulation

Many homeowners are aware of the energy advantages of having proper in-wall insulation for your home. It’s typically a code requirement for most states, but relatively few understand that those same advantages apply their to crawlspace and floors. Having a properly-insulated crawlspace in Mobile or Pensacola will help you save on your energy bills, improve your health and comfort, and will prevent long-term moisture damage.

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The 3 Forms of Crawlspace Insulation

MDH Foundation Repair Crawlspace Insulation Batt

Batt Insulation

The least-expensive form of insulation. It is most often made of rolled fiberglass strands.

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MDH Foundation Repair Crawlspace Insulation Blow-In

Blown-In Insulation

Consists of fiberglass, fire-retardant cellulose, or denim which is then blown into cavities.

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MDH Foundation Repair Crawlspace Insulation Spray-In Foam

Spray-In Foam Insulation

The best option for Pensacola and Mobile crawlspace insulation as it acts as both an air and water vapor barrier.

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Why are my hardwood floors cupping?

Improperly insulated crawlspaces can allow moisture from the ground below to seep through the sub-floor and into your hardwood floors, causing the wood to warp in a cup-like fashion and making your smooth floor surfaces feel corrugated and uncomfortable.

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Why are my floors hot (or cold)?

Like your exterior walls, your floors need to have some kind of barrier from the elements to prevent heat and moisture transfer. Uninsulated or poorly-insulated crawlspaces will allow humid, warm summer air to pull through your sub-floor, causing your HVAC system to work harder.

What causes moist or sweating floors?

As we mentioned previously, un- or poorly-insulated crawlspaces will allow air to transfer through the floor. This air also carries humidity, which, when pulled through your floor, will leave condensate on the floor’s surface.

Why is my crawlspace humid?

Improperly insulated crawlspaces will trap moisture and humid air and allow it to migrate through your sub-floor into your home. In addition to installing crawlspace insulation in Mobile and Pensacola, correcting drainage issues, installing vapor barriers, and employing dehumidifiers can aid in drying the air.

Why is my crawlspace musty?

For the same reasons a poorly-insulated crawlspace is humid, one left untreated will lead to mold, mildew, and their subsequent sour odors. Using the techniques like correcting drainage, using dehumidifiers, and installing crawlspace vapor barriers in Mobile and Pensacola in conjunction with mold remediation can mitigate the mold spores and improve the air quality of both your crawlspace and home.

Where can I get more information on crawlspace insulation?

The U.S. Department of Energy has several articles on crawlspace insulation, including a handy fact sheet located here.

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