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Unpacking the Concerns of Sagging Floors

Spotting sagging floors in your older home can definitely catch your attention, and rightly so. It’s a common concern we tackle here at MDH Foundation Repair, especially across Alabama, Florida, and Mississippi. More than just an eyesore, sagging floors could hint at deeper issues with your home’s foundation or support structures. Pinpointing the root cause is key. That’s where our team steps in, offering thorough evaluations to guide you on the best path towards repair and stability.

The Ripple Effects of Ignoring Sagging Floors

When Floors Dip: Visible Sloping Issues

That unmistakable dip in the floor doesn’t just affect how your furniture sits. Over time, it can transform your living space, making it less functional and knocking down your home’s appeal. At MDH, we get down to the nitty-gritty, figuring out why your floors are sagging to bring them back to level—and your home back to its glory.

Beyond Aesthetic: Cracks in Walls or Ceilings

Those cracks snaking across your walls or ceiling? They’re often tell-tale signs of sagging floors putting stress on your home’s skeleton. Our crack squad at MDH doesn’t just patch things up; we dive deep to fortify your foundation, keeping those cracks sealed and your home standing strong.

Stuck Doors and Windows: A Structural Red Flag

If opening a door or window feels like a workout, it’s more than just an annoyance—it’s a symptom of your home’s shifting stance due to sagging floors. MDH’s precision in realignment and stabilization means every door and window works as it should, making your home more functional and frustration-free.
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Solid Ground: Our Approach to Sagging Floors

Helical Piers: Securing Your Home’s Base

Stabilizing your foundation is non-negotiable for us at MDH when it comes to sagging floors. Utilizing Our Piering Systems, featuring our innovative Helical Piers, part of our exclusive StrongHold® Support System, we ensure your home’s foundation is as solid as ever, warding off future sagging and keeping your home safe and sound for years to come.

StrongHold® Floor Supports: Lifting and Leveling

Our StrongHold® Floor Support System isn’t just strong by name. Crafted with galvanized steel, these reinforcements are the real deal for not just promising, but delivering lifting and leveling of your floors above your crawl space. Directly confronting the issue of sag, we bring back the stability your home deserves.

What truly sets our system apart is the proprietary engineered pad, designed with a wider footprint than competitor’s products for superior load weight distribution. This unique feature isn’t just innovation—it’s decades of hard-earned experience. It’s our commitment to ensuring that your foundation stands unshakable. Tailored to your home’s unique framework, it’s our way of ensuring that solid ground is what you will always find under your feet.

Floor Joist Repair: Ensuring Stability

Addressing compromised floor joists is key at MDH. Our approach involves sistering damaged joists with new lumber, a technique that revitalizes your home’s support structure. This precise method strengthens and stabilizes your floors, ensuring your home stands firm and secure.

Restore Stability and Safety to Your Home

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